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"I remember meeting you at one of my high school dances I was the guy with the neon green pants. Anyways you have inspired me to do great things with my DJ career… I started a company with my boss and we are doing pretty good so far."


-Tie Blaske




Matthew Wynn, aka DJ Kemyst, has been deejaying since 2006 and has already accomplished bigger goals than he imagined. Not only has he deejayed in various clubs in his hometown and other cities, he has currently made appearances at 90% of the clubs in Seattle and is making his way out of state as well as established himself on radio stations such as Kube 93.3 for the 5 O'Clock Traffic Jam, Seattle's #1 for Hip Hop, Power 93, Seattle's #1 for Hit Music and numerous slots on Portland's #1 for Throwbacks and Hip Hop, Jamn 107.5. He has been working with the Reign team for a few years now bringing some of the hottest dancer followings. Reign has helped him expand and grow as a DJ bringing him various amounts of gigs for the Air Force, Military, Corporate Banks, Weddings and even private parties. He is currently the Digital Marketer and Booking Agent for Reign for DJ's all over Washington and out of state. Some of his most favorite bars to DJ at are, Spokane #1 nightclub, The Globe Bar and hottest gay club, The Blind Buck. He has been booked for major artists Audio Push, from Inland Empire, California and the well-known club artist DJ Unk from Atlanta Georgia making multiple club hits. Kemyst has also appeared at one of Anaheim's hottest spots, The Heat Ultra Lounge. He has been an annual entertainer for second leading computer hardware AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) Processors at their corporate events releasing new products for the latest gaming experiences. In 2012, he was unexpectedly booked for an international destination weddings in Ambergis Caye, Belize at the Las Terrazas Resort which lead him to DJ in clubs like the Jaguar Temple Night Club in San Pedro Town. 


Looking Forward

He travels on a daily basis in Washington State about 4-6 a month juggling school and work to support his education with his passion getting gigs from Portland, OR up to Bellingham, WA over to Boise, ID. Being promoted on the Reign team as the Digital Marketer and Booking Agent, he's looking forward to being able to grow with the expansion of his skills and mindsets because of the new environments he will be introduced to and the relationships he will be able to grow. He enjoys being around the atmosphere of the Reign team and nothing drives him more than something he can enjoy.


Sets Him Apart from Others

Kemyst sets himself apart from other DJs by having a dancer background for 15+ years. His dance background attracts hip hop dancers and dance crews from all around. Audacity Cru, has always been a huge support for his career as well as his loyal supporters in Olympia, Lacey, Tacoma, Seattle and even as far as Spokane and for this, his following always brings numerous amounts of dancers from all over and brings a whole new feel and vibe to the word clubs which you have to be there to experience. His passion for music has always been with him his whole life and as a dancer. He has to experience all types of genres and learn to adapt to the energy levels of the music. With this background, it has acquired him to learn turntablism to be IN control of the music and not letting the music take control of him. Performing for a crowd has never been a problem where he lives and enjoys to make people happy. That's why every time he DJs, he makes sure not only his music, but his performance as a DJ is also set at high standards.


"Music has always been a passion of mine and I love to listen to all types of music. With that set, there shouldn't be any issue getting grandma and grandpa to dance at my age."

DJ Kemyst

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